Some of the things I've done:


2021-03-02 Project

Online multiplayer Dixit-like virtual board game. Work very much in progress!


2021-01-17 Project

Online tool to visualise multiple layers of 2D nanomaterials (or other periodic 2D structures). Works 100% in-browser. Includes ability to read VASP atomic positions' files and exporting generated images to SVG. Created with Vue.js


2020-10-02 Project

A Python scientific package to find moiré patterns and optimal supercells for modelling of van der Waals heterostructures (structures composed of vertically stacked 2D nanomaterials). Can read and write VASP POSCAR files (popular software for DFT – density functional theory modelling)

Sudoku backtracking in Rust

2020-08-06 Post

This is the first in a series of posts where I will attempt to explore the Rust programming language by using it to implement several different Sudoku solving algorithms. I think that this Japanese puzzle game is ideal for such exercise since it lends itself beautifully to a variety of distinct algorithmical approaches. My plan is to explore a new algorithm and a different aspect of the language in each of the three planned posts, starting with the more fundamental ones, and later evolving towards more advanced concepts. In this post I also introduce some fundamental concepts, and then I focus on the backtracking algorithm.

Setting up CUDA on a too-old laptop with a too-new Linux

2020-02-13 Post

Post about installing CUDA on Fedora 31 and Optimus Fermi-line NVidia GPU

Brain-computer interfaces

2020-05-28 Slideshow

A student presentation about brain-computer interfaces, first shown at Complex Systems Seminar, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. Created with reveal.js. Warning: flickering images.

Random matrix theory overview

2019-11-04 Slideshow

A student presentation about random matrix theory, first shown at Theoretical Physics Proseminar, Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. Created with reveal.js and Bokeh